Last put notes up 17/1. In the immediate future, I'll make neater/more organised notes, and put them up too. I'll also try to make this page very organised by having lots of links to books.

Some of the pages are upside down, that's just a scanning error. I'll fix it at some point when free.

Please tell me about any typos/mathematical errors, or problems with the scans or pdfs. If nobody tells me, I might never fix it.

Hand Official Good Reading Material
Modular Forms Marc's Notes Diamond and Shurman
Algebraic Geometry
Ring Theory
Ollie's LaTeX
Robson and McConnell
Harmonic Maass Forms
/Elliptic Curves
Ken Ono's Notes
Linear Algebra Lecture Notes

Other Random Notes:

"My Notes" Google Drive

Complex Multiplication

Milnor - Quad Rational Maps

Integrality - Epstein

Silverman - Arithmetical Dynamics

Hockey Stick

Integer Partitions

Standard questions from Princeton (for interview practice)