Catching up with the rabbit

Follow-up to A glimpse of a rabbit

So the last time I wrote about this, I was simply reading up on the mathematics behind what I was doing. I started programming in SAGE and as always there are a few hiccups with it.

I’m mostly just trying to replicate Yasaki’s results in this language, but it is harder than I had thought. As with most programming projects I’ve ever undertaken, there always is a horrible messy debug/write cycle in the middle, but this is more horrendous than usual. Anyway, I’m getting on with it, learning lots about what research is like, also getting quite a bit closer with Marc my supervisor.

I’m really enjoying the URSS and for anyone who is vaguely interested in doing it, I would highly recommend it. I think I’ve learned that research would actually be very fun, and really something I want to do (provided the right topic), however I’ve been lazy for too many years to suddenly become smart overnight and keep up.

If only I’d known many years ago, that this is something I want to do, and to not fall victim to the plague that is laziness. I think I’m keeping up okay despite my lack of hard work in previous years, I just keep thinking “If I had tried, then maybe I would have understood this better/faster”. Perhaps it’s just thinking the field is always greener on the other side, and even if I had tried, it would not be easier. However, my gut instinct is to say it is indeed the way it sounds.

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