New Collaboration

Follow-up to charc_math 1.0

My friend Ben (FleaRex) has decided to help me with my module, by ordering it in a nicer way and also adding in his own functions. Theres also a few more I’d like to add based off my work with the URSS.

One of them is which iterates over things of a given norm. The others are and some others, although I’m going to see if NumPy has an implementation I’m after.

Again, the majority of these functions are really just for me, I just thought they’d be useful for others. With Ben now also working on it, this may change and it may become more friendly to other users. I’m also going to see if he can come up with a better name.

While this is happening, I may also create a python3 version, and slowly start moving there. SciPy is supported in it, and so really I have little excuse of going there. I’m also thinking after a while I’ll move to another language, one which is better for mathematicians. I’ve still got plenty of coding to learn and still Bash to conquer, so i think this will make a nice hobby.

If you want to discuss this topic, feel free to leave me a message or discuss on twitter.