Improve One's Self

I was talking to my friend Jack, and he reminded me that to be really giving 100% as a mathematician, or as whatever you are, you really need to be giving 100% on everything. You need to be eating well, you need to be sleeping well, you need to be relaxing well, to work well.

The main tip he offered me, was to make a calendar. Each day you achieve your goal, you cross that day off on the calendar. Once you achieve 30 days of success, you’ve made it a habit! (with hope). Each day you don’t, you restart the count. Making it more and more painful. It only requires some initial will power, which he’s willing to provide for me.

It should work to help cure my sleep, and improve my eating habits. After that I can take aim for the 1st I really don’t deserve, but am capable of.

He also said not to improve too many things at a time, and only stick to two, or one if I want to. Which sounds like sound advice.

If you hadn’t noticed, I do love puns and play on words, as well as using words in their multitude of meanings.

Hopefully by the end of summer, I’ll finally become better, and update the documents I keep saying I will

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