charc_math 1.0

Follow-up to Python Maths

Having taken some time, I’ve figured out the mysterious ways of GitHub and finally ported this module to there.

I’ve made it clean and well laid out, as well as taking care of lots of bugs. With the module in such a clean state, I hope to expand on it more frequently from now on.

I’ve yet to polish it up and publish it to PyPi, but I will do soon.

I had naively and rather pretentiously originally labelled it ‘Math2’. This was back when the module was just on my own computer, and I didn’t know PEP so well. I took a look, and Math2 has significantly more downloads than charc_math, despite the latter having more in it. If anyone has more suggestions to the name of my module, I’m all ears.

If you want to discuss this topic, feel free to leave me a message or discuss on twitter.